Shoto Saber Pair

Alongside the Steel Kota hilts I’m working on, I’ve also started working on a mirrored pair of short, one-handed, ‘shoto’ saber hilts.

I began these hilts some time ago, but it was only recently that I felt I had some exciting solutions for parts of the design that I’d not previously settled on.

To begin with, I’ve reworked the wood grip sections to include metal parts, with inset slots that will, in turn, have inlaid detail.

For all that it originally felt like a good achievement creating the thin, flared bocote wood grip overlays and fitting them onto the metal hilt tubes, it also felt unfinished.

I think it’s much closer to meeting its potential now, and I look forward to working out and creating the inlays in the empty slots.

The pommels are close to how I want them, but the emitter end, from the wood grip up, will mostly be implementing fresh ideas, while carrying over and reworking a couple of the original, in progress features.

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