Steel Kota Weathering and Finishing

I use a multi-stage process to achieve the finish on the current run of Steel Kota hilts.

The main parts go through rounds of post-machining buffing, sanding and distressing, followed by staged chemical processes (etchant, darkener, patinator) and heating with blow torch, then selective cleaning and finishing through grades of fine steel wool, sandpaper and buffing. Finally an application of Renaissance Wax to seal and protect.

Steel emitter hilt and blade plug parts are given a darkened, prismatic finish through timed heating.

Brass blade plug parts are heat treated and darkened.

Leather grip wrap has darkened and burnished edges and selective distressing.

Heavy canvas ‘rag wraps’ are frayed, oiled and stained, before being sealed and fixed.

At the time of writing, I have ONE remaining hilt left for sale from the initial batch of seven Steel Kota hilts.
Ready for despatch, £350 + shipping.
Full details can be found on my For Sale page.

Photos below show the hilt parts and blade plugs at various stages following initial machining.

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