For Sale

I regularly offer saber hilts for sale, along with accessories and saber customisation and weathering.

I accept payment through Paypal (Goods and Services).

Insured, tracked, signed for worldwide delivery from the UK is in addition to the listed price.

My work is also available through Etsy.

If you’re interested in buying work I have for sale or if you have questions, you can contact me at

Handcrafted Saber Hilts

You can see saber hilts I have available for sale below.

Steel Kota Install Ready Saber Hilt £350

This small run of character saber hilts develops previous work with all steel outer parts and refinements to the design and finish.

The initial batch of finished sabers are sold out.

I have a small number of machined hilt bodies that can be finished to order, expected turnaround 2 to 4 weeks.


  • All steel outer parts, with single piece aluminium inner hilt.
  • Multi-stage weathering using manual, chemical and heat processes.
  • Integrated discrete sound vent in pommel.
  • Custom brass and steel shine through blade plug.
  • Single button plunger activation switch mechanism.
  • Leather grip with hand weathering, burnished and darkened edges.
  • Heavyweight, proofed canvas rag wrap, hand weathered and distressed.
  • M3 blade retention grub screw.
  • Approx 10.5”/265mm long. Inner diameter 25mm+ minimum through hilt. 1” blade socket, socket depth >1.5”. Pommel end can accommodate 28mm speaker.

Price is for a single empty/install ready/display hilt.

Blade Plugs and Accessories

From time to time I’ll be offering small runs of premium blade plugs and other accessories for sale here.

Weathering and Customisation

As well as putting a lot of time, care and learning into weathering the sabers I make, I offer this as service.

Prices start at £50.

I can also provide customisations to your sabers such as leather and fabric wraps, shrouds, trim rings, etc.

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